General pricing information

The fees for all Austria guided tours by GuidedToursAT are composed of a basic tour guide fee and potential supplementary fees. The basic tour guide fee depends on the duration of the tour. It covers the cost for the English speaking tour guide service by a professional Austrian tour guide in the city or region of your choice but does not include any additional costs like entrance fees, transportation costs etc. Also, it applys only if your tour begins after 08H00 (8 AM) and ends before 20H00 (8 PM).

Basic tour guide fees 2015

for 1-39 participants:

2 hrs tour guide service: EUR 195,00
3 hrs tour guide service: EUR 245,00
8 hrs tour guide service: EUR 560,00
overtime per hour: EUR 68,00

Basic tour guide fees 2015

for 40-50 participants:

2 hrs tour guide service: EUR 220,00
3 hrs tour guide service: EUR 275,00
8 hrs tour guide service: EUR 640,00
overtime per hour: EUR 80,00

all prices including VAT and local taxes

Supplementary fees

tour guide service in two languages: + 20%
beginning before 8 AM or end after 8 PM: + 20%

tour guide meals and overnights:
You may hire our tour guides for longer trips across Austria if you wish to be with the same guide during the entire duration of your holidays in Austria. In that case, the meals and accomodation of your tour guide are at your expense.

Additional service fees

Besides our Austria tour guide service, GuidedToursAT provides a series of additional services that may be of use to you when planning your holidays in Austria:

For detailed pricing information for any kind of additional service, please contact us at specifying your wishes!

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